Secure Check can be added as a payment option to the Ubercart module in Drupal 6.x installations by following these instructions.

Integration Steps

1. Install the module.

Download the Secure Check payment option here: uc_securecheck_lite_6.x-1.2-beta2.tar.gz

Note: If you had a previous version of Secure Check already installed, make sure to disable that in your Drupal administration panel (usually at before installing the new version. If you would like to completely reinstall Secure Check by deleting old configuration settings from the database, use Drupal’s uninstall feature (found at before continuing.

Extract the file (tar -xvzf uc_securecheck_lite_6.x_*.tar.gz) to yourdrupalfolder/sites/all/modules/ubercart/payment/uc_securecheck_lite. If that directory already exists, replace the old files with the new files.

Enable the Secure Check module in the Drupal module administration panel (

2. Configure the Secure Check payment option.

Go to Store Administration -> Configuration -> Payment settings -> Payment methods ( and enable the “Secure Check” payment method.

Under the Secure Check section, set your MerchantID (provided when you signed up as a merchant) and your Merchant API key (found in the Merchant portal).

By default, the ServerName drop-down list is set to “sandbox”, the Noca testing environment. To start using the live system, change the ServerName drop-down list value to “secure”.

Enabling Debug Mode will give you more detailed error messages; this setting can be useful when testing Secure Check.

You can enable SOAP/cron Orders update to make the status of your orders update automatically.

Be aware that you can begin accepting payments immediately but you (the merchant) will not be paid until you verify your business bank account (by confirming the amounts of the micro-deposits).

If you have any questions, please email

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